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So, Why (k)quote? 

Let’s face it — Building a fee comparison is the best way to sell to 401(k) plan sponsors. 

BUT, they take forever to build!!! 

That’s Where (k)quote Comes In.

(k)quote will change the way your firm does fee comparisons by turning that huge project into a simple task. 

(k)quote Is The Secret To Your Growth

Without (k)quote

  • Lack Of A Good RFP Process
  • ​​Different Tools 
  • ​​Confusing Sales Process
  • ​​Sadness

With (k)quote

  • A Process That Works Quickly
  • ​​Integrated Tools
  • ​​Organized Sales Process 
  • ​​​Opposite of Sadness

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Sadness?

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But That’s Not All (k)quote Does...

(k)quote Gives You Everything You Need To Drive More Sales!!!!

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(k)quote Is…

Your Fee Disclosure Training

Get access to training videos on making "cents" of 408(b)2 and 404(a)5 fee disclosure documents.

With the Fee Disclosure Training, you'll:
  • Get a detailed analysis of what to look for. 
  • Have confidence that the fees you're showing are correct. 
  • Save time by knowing exactly where to look on each document. 

(k)quote Is…

Your Fee Disclosure RoadMap

Get the data you need to run the RFP FASTER with the Fee Disclosure RoadMap. (k)quote maintains a library of exactly where fee disclosure documents are located on both the plan sponsor and advisor sites. No more "just working with what the sponsor happens to send you". 

You'll be able to give your prospect the EXACT steps to capture the data you need from many of the record keepers in the 401(k) space.

With the Fee Disclosure Roadmap, you'll:
  • Get the data you need faster with website images of exactly where your sponsors can find their fee disclosure documents (to ensure it's easy for them to forward you what you need). 
  • ​Know exactly what documents you need vs. receiving  incomplete information. 
  • Get exclusive access to videos on how to read the fee disclosure documents. 

(k)quote Is…

Your PDF Analyzer

Great, you have the data. Now, just scan it into (k)quote like you deposit a check at an ATM!!!!

(k)quote's PDF Analyzer will:
  • Automatically scan in funds, fees, and any other important information on the document. 
  • ​​Automatically find performance (vs. doing everything manually), even if the document does NOT have tickers or CUSIPs! 
  • Easily locate group annuity fund performance! 

(k)quote Is…

Your Fee Benchmarking Reports

Quickly build professional looking fee comparison reports to aid your sales process! (k)quote can even customize the reports based on your compliance or marketing team's needs!!!

With (k)quote's Fee Benchmarking Reports, you can...
  • Easily demonstrate your team's expertise and value with a variety of report options. 
  • ​Quickly build live bid weighted and average cost comparisons
  • Easily build investment mapping or other after sale reports. 

(k)quote Is…

Your Investment Review

Easily show why a prospect should move forward with professional looking investment reports.

With (k)quote's Investment Reports, you can...
  • Give your prospects a clear idea of how the investments will be improved. 
  • Build and filter proposed investment lists based on certain specifications. 
  • Easily identify incumbent funds to help with your comparison. 

(k)quote Is…

Your 401(k) Averages 

Show your clients & prospects where they stand based on averages of actual fee disclosure documents that have been scanned into (k)quote. 

With (k)quote's Averages you can...
  • Give your prospects & clients access to the most accurate set of average data in the industry! 
  • ​Include average data within your live bid analysis! 
  • Attend meetings with or without live benchmarking data. 

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